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Explore the Norwegian Fjords

06 Nov 2015 | by Myles Johnson

Updated November 2017


A breathtaking network of magnificent waterways.

Snow-covered landscapes, crisp fresh air, quaint houses dotted along a sparsely populated shoreline. The Norwegian Fjords are a true haven of natural beauty. And with just a short flight from the UK to get there, or a cruise straight from your regional port, they are a hugely popular destination for cruise lovers.


The amazing thing about a cruise here, is that with every season comes a completely different experience. Sail in spring, for example, and discover the Arctic Awakening, where the sun thaws the icy landscapes to uncover the greenery beneath. At this time of year you could find three seasons in one voyage - from springtime in the south, to full winter in the north. In summer the daylight hours will have gradually increased, to such an extent that the sun won't set above the Arctic Circle in this mystical season. At this time, the whole country will be alive with wildlife and bursting with colour. See the waterfalls cascading, and flowers blooming along the coastline.


Once the summer begins to fade, autumn creeps in, with the vibrant green colours transforming into golden reds and yellow. The hours of daylight will shorten, the birds begin to migrate for winter, and a sprinkling of snow will start to appear on the mountaintops. Perhaps the most exciting season is winter, bringing with it snowy landscapes and the hunt for the Northern Lights. Experience the romantic scene of wrapping up warm to watch the lights from the top deck of your cruise ship.

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During winter the sun is low on the horizon, and below the horizon is the far north. This makes it the best time of year to spot these stunning shades lighting up the wintry landscape. These landscapes are completely unspoiled, with captivating wildlife and a rocky coastline making the journey as much a part of the appeal as the ports themselves. See our selection of Hurtigruten voyages to the Arctic highlights of Norway, with their northern lights promise cruises, they take you closer to the action, immersing you in the coastal communities, and giving you a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights than any other cruise line. 


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Why Norway? by Cruise Sales Consultant - Pierenrico Martino

As I boarded my Hurtigruten ship, snow was settling on the decks, the steel-grey skies were closing in, and the rooftops of Tromsø were slowly disappearing under a white blanket.

The entire route from Tromsø in the north, to Bergen in the south, was an absolutely amazing experience, with the most isolated, beautiful, and unreal scenery that I could possibly imagine. Sparkling white landscapes, fairytale ice hotels, romantic husky-sled rides, and cool cities are just a few reasons to go!

A bit of snow in Norway is no barrier to sightseeing, and we threw ourselves into the activities on offer. The dog sledding was magical - we whizzed across the frozen landscape under a reindeer skin rug, on a sledge pulled by a team of 10 powerful dogs, and later huddled around a roaring fire with mugs of hot chocolate and cake.

Discover the beauty of Norway and the mesmerising Fjords in a truly unique way onboard an unforgettable Norwegian Cruise experience.

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