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Why Your Next Cruise Should Be Around The British Isles

07 Aug 2020 | by Bea Spencer

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be Around The British Isles

When you think about cruise holidays, the first thing to come to mind may well be the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the hidden gems of Asia or the sweeping skyline of New York. However, there's an unforgettable adventure even closer to home: a British Isles cruise. From thriving cities such as London and Liverpool, to quirky towns and rugged landscapes, the UK has it all. Keep reading to find out our top 5 reasons why your next holiday should be a cruise around the British Isles.

No Need To Fly

For many, kicking off a holiday with a flight, whether it's a short hop to the south of France or long haul across the Atlantic, isn't the most relaxing way to mark the beginning of a getaway. From early mornings making your way to the airport and strict luggage allowances to long queues and jet lag, this can be testing for even the most easy going traveller. But what if we told you there's a way to avoid the pre-holiday stress and cut to the fun? With a British Isles cruise, there's no need to worry about catching a plane. With British ports such as Southampton, Tilbury, Edinburgh and Newcastle, there's bound to be a cruise terminal not too far from your home.

british isles cruise port

First Cruise Jitters

Never cruised before? There's no better way to dip your toe in the water than with a British Isles cruise. Without travelling hours away from your home you'll be able to try a new way of holidaying from the comfort of your own country. Combining short stints at sea with plenty of ports of call and time spent ashore, a UK mini cruise is the perfect option for those who are looking to test the waters, so to speak.

british isles first time

From Luxury To Expedition

Whether you're looking for a small ship, luxury cruise experience, an expedition-style voyage or a fun-packed mega ship adventure, there's a cruise line which is perfectly suited to your needs. With everyone from Hurtigruten and Royal Caribbean to Cunard and Hebridean Island Cruises offering itineraries across the UK, it's never been easier to find the ideal cruise ship.

british isles cruise line

New Places Await

You might think you've seen much of what the UK has to offer, enjoying holidays on the coast of Wales, city breaks in London and camping in the Lake District, but a British Isles cruise will take you to gems that you've never been to before. Whether you're docking in St Mary's and enjoying the microclimate of the Isles of Scilly, wildlife watching on the Isle of Man or exploring the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, take a step off the beaten track and see what's waiting around the corner.

british isles destination

Enjoy All Year Round

While the draws of destinations such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean are often seasonal, with summer holidays and winter breaks being popular amongst Brits, you don't just need warm weather to cruise around the UK. Summer is without doubt a great time to enjoy your voyage, with long days and sunshine giving you more time to explore, but other seasons can be just as enchanting. Dramatic winter landscapes, the rich colours of autumn and the blossoming backdrop of spring makes any British Isles cruise a voyage of breathtaking scenery.

british isles weather

Now you've read why a cruise around the UK is the perfect holiday choice, all that's left to do is browse our fantastic range of British Isles cruise deals and get ready to experience Great Britain like you've never done before.

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