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Why National Geographic Have Partnered With Ponant Cruises

01 Oct 2018 | by Ian McAleavy

National Geographic Partner With Ponant Cruises

Ponant, the world’s only French luxury yacht cruise line, are famed for going where no one has yet gone in the cruising industry. The first line to introduce a true icebreaker ship, the first line to have a hybrid LNG propelled vessel, and the only cruise line to charter sailings to the exact polar north, has now gone even further in its trailblazing enterprise of bringing luxury and intrepidity together by announcing a new partnership with National Geographic from 2018, for at least four years.

Said to be a cooperation worth around 200 million euros, the partnership will see National Geographic naturalists, photographers and experts onboard Ponant’s fleet to host lectures and act as guides on Ponant’s unrivalled excursions. In return, Ponant will share in the profits made by these sailings to help fund National Geographic’s’ conservation and education work around the world, to not only show this generation the wonders of our planet, but preserve it for the next to enjoy in the future.

In this sense, Ponant and National Geographic are the perfect partnership to achieve their mutual aims of education, conservation and adventure.

Adventure- Like National Geographic do with their various photographers and journalists, Ponant sailings travel to all corners of the world. With Ponant you can visit Alaska, the Seychelles, the Polar regions and even the Amazon River’s waterways. With Ponant nowhere is off limits.

Education- Along the way, Ponant not only show you new places, but also educate you throughout with expert excursion guides and fascinating presentations. These truly allow you to immerse yourself in the nature, culture, and history of the stunning destinations and their inhabitants as you cruise and explore to the full. Ponant are more than a cruise line, they are ambassadors for each region of the world and each ecosystem they show you on your fantastic expedition cruise.

Community- The ambassadorial role of working with local communities plays just as big a part in Ponant’s cruises as the natural environment and animals you’ll see do. If cruising through Australasia, you will get to spend time with isolated aboriginal communities, learning how they live with their environment and even being treated to traditional dances. If traversing Alaska, you will get to meet local, traditional fishing families who will show you how they catch and prepare not only fish but also seals for a community dinner.

Conservation- Ponant aim to preserve the fragile communities and ecosystems they cruise to on your adventures with them. They aim to not only leave no lasting negative impact but also a positive one where possible. Their new explorer and icebreaker cruise yachts are a testimony to this. The Ponant icebreaker, le Charcot, is the first ever hybrid –natural liquid gas engine cruise ship, while the rest of the fleet also boast extremely shallow draughts and anchorless positioning systems to preserve the delicate seabed ecosystems below. There is also energy-efficient lighting throughout, liquid refrigeration systems, and tin-free paint. The results are ships which leave not only no toxins or damage to the environment, but also hardly any light or noise pollution which could affect the environments they pass through. There is even a working laboratory onboard for polar research.

Nature- Ponant want their guests to be one with nature as well as live onboard in unrivalled French-styled luxury. Not only are there zodiacs and a helicopter to get you in amongst the action, but there is also the brilliant Blue Eye Lounge on each new Ponant ship, featuring an underwater ‘eye’ window on each side of the hull. Located two and a half metres below the water line, guests can come here twenty four hours a day to observe the underwater wildlife around the ship, as well as listen to the sounds made by the animals in a five kilometre radius. The furniture even vibrates in reaction to the hydrophones’ picked up decibels, as well as atmospheric blue lighting throughout.

Pioneering- Like National Geographic, Ponant stay true to their roots, maintaining their original philosophy and loyalty to their beginnings ever since their first yacht le Ponant set sail. In no way is this clearer than in the names of their fleet of cruise yachts. With explorers yachts le Laperouse, Champlain, Bougainville, Dumont-D’Urville and Bellot, Ponant pay homage to celebrated French maritimers- many of whom were pioneers of their time and died doing what they lived for, such as icebreaker’s namesake le Charcot. It’s also a testimony to Ponant’s’ awareness of the principles they stand for- yes, they are French, but they’re also part of a wider world to be discovered and embraced.

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