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Indian Ocean cruises

Indian Ocean cruises

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There really is nowhere on earth that can compare to the magic of the Indian Ocean. With island hopping adventures allowing you to experience a vast diversity of cultures, cuisines, languages, wildlife, sights and activities, Indian Ocean cruises are a true explorer's dream.


Giving you the freedom to encounter worlds apart and dock in several extraordinary countries and destinations, guaranteeing something special for everyone, a journey to this spectacular part of the world will leave you wanting to come back again and again. What's more, with most cruises to the Indian Ocean departing from Dubai or Singapore, you'll also be able to add on an unforgettable hotel stay in one of these incredible cities.

From lively cities to peaceful, picture-perfect coastlines, the countries bordering the Indian Ocean are some of the most diverse and exciting in the world. Ranging from Madagascar and its impressive wildlife selection found nowhere else on earth, to the idyllic island life of Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Maldives where the stunning scenery will exceed all expectations, every moment of your cruise will be as special as the last. For the unparalleled adventure of a lifetime, Indian Ocean cruises give you everything you’re looking for and more. Sail to these faraway lands and return with lifelong memories and the tales of a true explorer.

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Visiting Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Cruises Special Events

Colourful and lively festivals and celebrations take place throughout the year, so you may just get the chance to experience one of these special events during your cruise around the Indian Ocean:

Ganesh Chaturthi

Taking place in Mauritius in September, this Hindu celebration sees the locals carry statues of Ganesh- God of Wisdom- through the streets to the beach where they submerge his head in the water.

Fete Afrique

Held in May each year in the Seychelles, this festival has music, dancing and food to celebrate the country's African ties.

Independence Day

On July 26 each year in the Maldives, locals come together to celebrate the country's independence in 1965 with dancing, performances, food and partying throughout the day.

Indian Ocean Cruises Weather

Boasting a tropical climate throughout the year, you're bound to enjoy high temperatures and sunny days whichever time of the year you choose to travel. However, January and February tend to be the months which experience the most rainfall, so if you want to make sure that your cruise is as dry as possible, the best time to go on an Indian Ocean cruise is simply to avoid the beginning of the year.

Indian Ocean Cruises Highlights

Activities, excursions and adventures are endless when sailing across the Indian Ocean. From diving, snorkelling and surfing for those that love to be in the water, to ultimate levels of relaxation on postcard perfect beaches, everything is possible in this grand oceanic utopia. However, some real highlights of a cruise here include:


Embark on a culinary adventure with the delicious variety of delicacies to choose from whilst sailing the Indian Ocean. From the rich local spices of India to the sweet enticing aromas of South East Asia, the freshest catch of ocean seafood and the distinctive sizzling BBQ grill on the Indian Ocean islands, dining in these corners of the world will make even the choosiest of foodie’s dreams come true.


Head out into nature and spot some of the amazing species which call the countries around the Indian Ocean home. From a drive through Domaine Les Pailles in Mauritius to see the deer and monkeys, to the exotic flora and fauna of Madagascar, you won't be disappointed by what you find.

City Tours

Boasting vibrant cities such as Nosy Be in Madagascar, Male in the Maldives and Colombo in Sri Lanka, take a trip into the heart of these busy capitals and get a glimpse into local life as you tour the historic landmarks and wander the fascinating streets.

Indian Ocean Countries and Ports

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