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Tick off your bucket list on a world cruise

07 Aug 2015 | by Sarah Clarke
A voyage around the world provides endless bucket list experiences and can feel like several holidays in one. Each new port acts as a gateway to a new world, as cultures, cuisine and backgrounds change before you and offer a wealth of unique experiences.

Take it from those who have been and can’t wait to set sail again

Feeling inspired? Here are just a few bucket list moments you can tick off on your next world cruise

Cruise the Panama Canal

For over a century the Panama Canal has remained a man-made wonder of the world, and today still acts as a major channel of transportation for traders between the Atlantic and pacific Oceans. Holiday makers cruise the canal to admire the changing landscapes from tropical rainforest and villages to feats of modern day construction. Wildlife spotting along the canal and unique shore excursions add to this awesome experience.

Safari in South Africa

South Africa captivates with its boundless beautiful landscapes, sunshine weather, rainbow nation and wonderful wildlife. A visit to a game park is essential whilst in town and wildlife spotting an addictive activity. Look out for the famous big five; elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard. Don’t forget to look up and watch the endemic birds soar, and peek below the surface for the mesmerising marine life.

Explore Easter Island

For some truly unique island life, a trip to Easter Island can’t be beat. Far out in the Pacific Ocean, west of its homeland Chile, Easter Island offers diverse experiences and much to be explored. Many flock here to see the ancient moai statues; hundreds of giant stone heads representing the handiwork of Rapa Nui ancestors. Diving, hiking and canopy flying also provide buckets of fun on this picturesque Pacific isle.

See Kyoto in Japan

Stop off in Kyoto and step straight into a storybook; this illustrated, traditional city welcomes you to a pretty and peaceful part of Japan. Step back in time here and see how the locals lead a happy and simple kind of life. See beautiful geisha girls strolling, find total zen at the many temples and gardens and indulge in delicious local Japanese delicacies.

Live Luxuriously in Dubai

Under the beating sun and emerging from the harsh Middle Eastern desert, Dubai is a glowing hub of opulent luxury and lavish living. Amongst the Arabian traditions and bustling expat communities, visitors will also find a shopper’s paradise, an island shaped like a palm tree and the tallest building in the world.

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