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Cruising through the Panama Canal

More than 100 years old, the Panama Canal is a modern day feat that is recognised as being one of the most sophisticated pieces of architecture in the world. At 77 kilometres or 48 miles in length it is no wonder that it provokes awe and for cruisers it is a fantastic experience to sail the length of it and pass through its many locks, some rising as much as 85 feet.

It took 33 years to construct and during that time there were many obstacles to overcome for the workers, including disease and engineering issues. It was, however, eventually completed and vastly improved the journey time for all ships travelling between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These days cruise ships pass through it for pleasure, but for traders it was a much safer alternative than the hazardous Cape Horn route.

The best time to sail through the canal is between October and April so as to avoid the rainy season. Along the journey, which normally takes at least a full day and night, you will be treated to a mixture of man-made and natural wonders as you wend your way through areas of the most remote tropical rainforests.

There are a multitude of cruise lines that offer journeys through the Panama Canal, from luxury cruise lines to family cruises and singles cruises. The experience is normally in combination with a cruise that takes you into the Pacific and around the Hawaiian Islands and up the west coast of North America. Alternatively you might visit Miami and the Caribbean before making the journey. If you are extremely fortunate you may pass through the canal on a world cruise, but whatever the excuse is, sailing through the Panama Canal is one of those must do things that features high up on many a wish-list.

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