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Couples Cruising in the winter

23 Nov 2018 | by Mary Farmhouse

Winter is the time for snuggles, blankets, and loved ones! So why don’t you and the most important person in your life, explore a blizzard of romance in the winter time by cruising through new destinations and making memories together? Read on to find out why you and your other half should explore the beauty of winter on a cruise. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! A time to celebrate life and love so, given the option to celebrate in an alternative way with just you and your partner, the real question is why not? With cruising giving you an immense amount of winter destination options, it’s a great way to spend the festive season.


So what are some of the destinations you could visit on your winter cruise? Maybe you and your partner are after something different, like some tropical sunshine in the winter! That’s the beauty with cruises; you can find your perfect experience, no matter what weather you left at home.

What’s Christmas like in the Caribbean and Bahamas?

In one word – hot! So if heat is on your mind, this wintertime, why not try a winter cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas? You can leave the grey skies and take on the turquoise seas and fresh air. With ports of calls such as Barbados, Miami, St. Lucia and many more, you are spoilt for choice in paradise. With temperatures staying at about 26 Celsius, you’ll find yourself in constant warmth. A bonus for travelling to the Caribbean and the Bahamas in the winter is that there are far fewer young families and no great big crowds. You are able to explore and discover together on your summery winter cruise, and with the Caribbean and Bahamas being known for their rainforests and mountains, there’s a discovery waiting to be found at each port.

Furthermore, if you're looking to go one step further for luxury, many cruise lines offer exclusive access to their very own private island. Adults-only islands, such as 'The Beach Club' by Virgin Voyages, are a haven for ultimate relaxation, delicious dining and fantastic excursions you may not find anywhere else. When the sun goes down dance the night away at a pool party or enjoy a soothing beach bonfire. Whether you're looking to wind down or get up and go, private islands in the Caribbean could be exactly what you're looking for. If you’re interested in an alternative experience for winter, have a look at some of our Caribbean and Bahamas winter cruises.

The Far East & Asia

The experience of traveling to the Far East in the winter is truly unique; have you ever thought about a winter in Asia? It’s not common, which makes it a great opportunity to explore in an authentic and enriching way. Discover another world from yours, with winter cruises traveling around the Gulf of Thailand. You are able to explore different cultures along with the many exotic attractions Asia has to offer. With ports of call such as Hong Kong, you’ll forget all about the winter snow, and be surrounded by so much buzz. Explore the fascination the world has with the Philippines; discover the breath-taking scenery, landscapes, and picturesque mountains. Take the opportunity and have a look at our Far East & Asia winter cruises.

The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle gives you the ability to uncover the raw beauty of winter. You are able to get that complete winter feeling with days in which the sun does not rise in the Arctic Circle, called the Polar Nights. Traveling to the Arctic Circle is a once in a lifetime experience, and we think you couldn’t find more wintery destination than the North Pole. The area is rich in wildlife, with a range of animals such as Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Narwhal, Walruses, and many more. Also, the Northern Lights frequently appear during the winter, which means you could have a truly have a unique experience with your loved one. If you are interested in cruising to the Arctic Circle have a look at our Arctic cruises.

As Christmas approaches, will you dare to change your traditional Christmas festivities and dive into a new experience? For more inspiration, read our travel guide on the best places to cruise to for Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Onboard a Cruise

So why should you spend a couples Christmas on a cruise? Well, we think they offer a special and divine experience, and a great opportunity to meet other likeminded couples. Treat yourself to the gift of being treated this Christmas; with the onboard service being exceptional, you and your partner are able to unwind. Have the ultimate stress-free Christmas, by spending Christmas at sea. Many would argue that Christmas dinner is one of the most important parts of Christmas, and being onboard a cruise ship doesn’t need to change that – with a traditional turkey dinner and crackers waiting for you in the main dining room. Imagine no cooking or hosting, just you and your other half at ease. Cruise lines often put on a great celebration with live show and activities at every corner. With the ship being completely decorated from head to toe in all things festive, you can’t help but feel the Christmas atmosphere even if you are in the middle of the sea! Consider joining the more than 4.5 million people in the UK who are now changing the way they do Christmas and are cruising during the festive season!

Temped for a romantic Christmas getaway? Delve into something new this winter and explore our Christmas Cruises.

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