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Ajaccio Cruise Deals

Famous for being the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte and situated on the French commune of Corsica, Ajaccio balances hints of the Côte D'Azur with its own character. The pastel tones of the buildings, the café-filled city centre and the trendy waterfront lined with upmarket shops and restaurants are all reminiscent of the southern coast of France. Yet, just under the surface lays the city's own history and culture which can be discovered by visiting the Maison Bonaparte or the Fesch museum, which also houses an important collection of Italian Renaissance works. For those looking to explore the nearby coastline, the Pointe de la Parada is a beautiful walking trail which offers hikers amazing views of the city with the chance to take a break and soak up the sun and cool off in the sea at the Plage de Ricanto beach.

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