Covid-19 Travel Requirements Covid-19 Travel Updates and FAQs
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If affected by a cancelled cruise, don't worry, we'll be in touch in good time with details on your options available

***Please note our partner P&O Cruises is part of Carnival Corporation and is totally unaffiliated with P&O Ferries. None of our bookings are affected by the recent events in the news***

P&O sailings are paused until the following dates:

  • Ventura – 3rd October 2021
  • Azura – 10th December 2021
  • Aurora – 31st March 2022
  • Arcadia – 27th March 2022.

Following on from the UK staycation cruises, on 25th September 2021 Britannia will resume sailings in the Western Mediterranean and Iona in Spain and Portugal.

P&O Cruises have cancelled all Caribbean sailings to and from St Lucia from October 2021 through to March 2022.P&O Cruises have cancelled all Caribbean sailings to and from St Lucia from October 2021 through to March 2022.

Alternative P&O UK Coastal Cruises are now on sale.

You can check the status of your booking in our Customer Portal. Please do not call us in the first instance unless your query is urgent as our phone lines are incredibly busy. We will be sending details by email and once you have advised us of your preference via our online form we will be in touch if we need further information.

If you have a booking that has been cancelled we are sorry for the disappointment this may cause you and are aware that this might not be your first cruise cancellation. We are hopeful that it will only be a matter of time before we can dust off our sun hats and suitcases again.



You will receive an email from us with specific details of your rebooking benefits as soon as they are available, in the meantime you can check your booking in our customer portal - the details will appear there as soon as they are available.

P&O Cruises are offering a Future Cruise Credit of 125% of deposit monies paid, If you've re-booked using a Future Cruise Credit, your Future Cruise Credit will be reinstated based on the original value of the previous booking plus 100% of any additional monies paid.



There is no need to rush your decision on what you do next. There will be NEW SAILINGS FOR 2021, 2022 & 2023 COMING SOON, you have until 31st December 2021 to decide if you would like a refund, and even if you opt for a refund, you can change your mind up until the point that the refund is processed by P&O Cruises.

Please access your booking via our customer portal or the email you should have received and indicate your rebooking preference by filling in our online form and choosing between the following options:


1. Rebook your holiday, your FCC will be available for online booking shortly.

2. Accept your rebooking benefits to be used at a later date.

- New sailings will be released in the coming weeks.

- Book online using your FCC and Loyalty Voucher for additional discounts.

3. Request a refund, you have up to 31st December 2021.

If you have already given your rebooking preference directly to P&O Cruises we will process your preferred option on receipt of your preference from P&O Cruises.

These changes affect many customers, therefore we ask that you refrain from calling in unless your query is urgent. Should we need additional information from you following your preference submission, we will get in touch with you.

We will send you a further email detailing your Future Cruise Credit value when the information has been passed to us by P&O Cruises. In the meantime, if P&O Cruises have loaded your Future Cruise Credit value you will be able to see it when you book online.

In the meantime, P&O Cruises are working hard to make sure the safety of their guests and crew on board, as well as the destinations they visit, are top priority once cruising resumes while ensuring you are still able to enjoy the holiday you dreamed of. Find out more.

Cancellations: Future Cruise Credit (FCC) FAQS

If restrictions lift on 21st June, why are cruises being paused so far out?

Unfortunately it has been necessary to extend the pause and cancel cruises this summer due to the uncertainty around international travel.

What are P&O Cruises offering customers who have a cancelled cruise?

Guests whose cruise has been cancelled will automatically receive a Future Cruise Credit to the amount of 125% for the deposit and then 100% of any further payments made so far. This FCC can be used up to 31st December 2021 for any cruises currently on sale. FCC can be used to book onto any new cruise, to upgrade an existing booking or to add a 2nd cabin to an existing booking for family or friends. If you prefer to receive a refund rather than rebook on an alternative sailing, please fill out the form sent to you via email before 31st December 2021. Anyone who cannot sail due to not being able to meet covid safety requirements can get an FCC to rebook. These offers apply only to the cruise element of bookings where are the tour operator of the holiday.

When will the FCC be set up and when can I use it?

There’s no need to contact us; all Future Cruise Credit will be automatically applied against each individual on your booking. This will be happening soon after the cancellation announcement. Once your FCCs are set up you have until 31 December 2021 to put your FCC towards a new booking for any holiday P&O Cruises have on sale at that time.

Can I now use my FCC for a holiday after March 2022?

Yes, P&O Cruises are pleased to say you have until December 2021 to put your FCC against any P&O Cruises holiday which is on sale at that time. The new winter 2022/2023 holiday collection will be on sale soon. Please sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our website for details. If you have a cancelled booking, we will also email you with details.

If I can’t use an FCC as I already have multiple existing bookings, can I add to an existing booking?

Yes, you can use your FCC to upgrade your booking from Early Saver to Select Price and take advantage of the added booking benefits. You can also upgrade your cabin on an existing holiday booking too.

I was given an FCC from one of the previous paused cruises and have since made a new booking that is of a higher value. You have now cancelled this cruise as well will I get an FCC to the new total amount?

You will receive the same value as your original booking (125%) FCC for the deposit paid with an additional 100% FCC on any extra monies paid for a higher cost cruise.

Is the FCC protected by ABTA?

100% of the cruise fare paid is held as an FCC which is bonded by ABTA or ATOL (for fly-cruises) so you can be secure in the knowledge that your monies are protected under those arrangements.

If I use an FCC to book another holiday, what happens if I change my mind and cancel that cruise as well? Do I get my money back?

Once an FCC has been applied to a new booking, in the event of a cancellation of a cruise by a customer, any refund will be given in FCC.

If I don’t want an FCC and want to simply transfer monies paid to an existing booking, how can I do this?

Simply give us a call and we can arrange that P&O Cruises will move this over for you.

Cancellations: Refund FAQS

How do I request a cash refund?

FCCs will be created for all guests with an affected booking, however if you wish to have a 100% cash refund instead, this is available through the form found when selecting a refund in our online form which can be accessed via our customer portal. This may be requested until 31 December 2021.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds for P&O Cruises are processed by P&O Cruises - you need to fill in the form which can be accessed through our customer portal by filling in the online preference form. P&O Cruises are working to process all new and outstanding refund requests as soon as possible. Due to the extraordinary circumstances associated with COVID-19, P&O Cruises are dealing with an unprecedented level of refunds, but they have put in place new systems and technology and P&O Cruises are working through them as quickly as possible. P&O Cruises appreciate your patience.

Cancellations: General FAQS

What happens to any onboard spending money I received as a thank you for continuing to sail?

As that cruise is now cancelled you will not receive the previously offered onboard spending money. You will however receive a Future Cruise Credit to the value of 100% of your booking.

Will I receive loyalty points for this cruise?

P&O Cruises will not be giving loyalty points for the cancelled cruises, but you will get the loyalty points for the new cruise you book.

Will my loyalty tier status be protected for P&O Cruises?

Yes - P&O Cruises will be protecting the tier status you had achieved by 16th March 2020, and your benefits will be fully protected for two years - up to and including 31st March 2022.

New UK Sailings FAQS

Where, when and onboard which ships will the new UK sailings take place?

The new UK coastal cruises will take place onboard Britannia and Iona. Iona will offer 7-night itineraries and Britannia will offer 3 and 4-night itineraries, as well as one 6-night itinerary. With the exception of this 6-night itinerary, there will be no ports of call.

When are they going on sale and how can I get more details?

P&O Cruises' UK Coastal Cruises are on sale now.

Do I need to have the vaccine to sail?

UK coastal cruises are only available to vaccinated guests.

Given the advanced progress of the UK vaccination programme, and strong expressed preference on the part of P&O Cruises guests for this limited series of UK coastal cruises, the summer 2021 UK coastal sailings on Britannia and Iona will be for UK resident Covid-19 vaccinated guests only.

For these cruises the definition of “vaccinated” is a minimum of seven days following the second dose of the currently approved Covid-19 vaccines being administered. Proof of vaccination and the dates given will be required (approved forms of evidence will be confirmed closer to time of departure) and this will be required to be shown at the terminal prior to boarding. Failure to provide this evidence will result in denial of boarding. There is no age restriction on this series of UK coastal cruises but all guests of all ages must meet the requirements of the Covid-19 vaccination policy.

Please note that all other P&O Cruises holidays on sale (ie cruises that are not Summer 2021 UK coastal cruises) do not currently require guests to be vaccinated.

Can I board on one of the UK stops and not Southampton?

All boarding and disembarkation will take place in Southampton.

Can I pre-register for these cruises?

There will not be any pre-registration for these cruises.

Can I move an existing booking to one of the new cruises?

Yes of course. With the flexible booking policy, bookings may be amended any time prior to the balance due date.

Can I use my FCC towards one of these cruises?

Yes we can allocate FCC’s to bookings made on these new cruises.

My booking was on the maiden voyage of Iona. If P&O Cruises are using Iona for these new cruises will I get preferential booking?

Guests who were originally booked on the maiden cruise of Iona will have an exclusive on board credit offer if they book on the maiden voyage of Arvia, which will go on sale soon.

Will P&O Cruises be rescheduling Ionafest?

Ionafest was a specific event planned for this summer, but it is not something P&O Cruises are looking to reschedule at the moment.

Is Arvia still due to launch in 2022?

Yes, very much so - P&O Cruises are on schedule with this ship and P&O Cruises are committed to taking delivery in Dec 2022.



*Future Cruise Credit offers are as per the information we have from the cruise lines, these may be subject to change at any time. The future cruise credit applies to the deposit amount or monies paid for your cruise or the cruise portion of any booking where Iglu Cruise acts as the Tour Operator for your booking. Monies paid are ABTA protected, any rebooking incentives on offer are not financially protected.

***If your refund is not taken up by 31st December 2021 you will automatically receive the rebooking option listed higher up in this email.

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